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I need some Phantom Futa mock-comic titles

Hey guys, I need some ideas. I’m commissioning a mock-comic book cover from Made From Lazers and I need a title for the “issue”. If you recall the one JosiePurr created was called The Phantom Futa in Peril so I want to keep that theme going…not the “in Peril” theme but more along the lines of “The Phantom Futa in Blah Blah Blah” or “The Phantom Futa vs Blah Blah Blah”. If you read comics then you probably get the idea.

I’m going to send Made From Lazers a couple ideas tomorrow but even if you miss the deadline and have a good idea leave it in the comments section below as this will be an ongoing thing.

Thanks in advance!!

Oh btw, my idea is “The Phantom Futa in Tentacle Nightmare!”

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    17 Responses to “I need some Phantom Futa mock-comic titles”

    • One reader emailed me and suggested “The Phantom Futa in Double Trouble” – Two different versions of her trying to make her “weak”.

      I like that one!!

    • Some Guy:

      The Phantom Futa in Strapon Mountain. She can either be doing or being done by a strapped girl.

    • Bossy Big man:

      the phantom futa vs the hundred handed harem

      Hundred hands of joy and big tits for well you know what and them big hips to just pop the cherry on top, I think the phantom futa is in trouble

    • Jakora:

      The Phantom Futa vs. The Cunt Boy Duo.

      Has our favourite supa futa met her match in a pair of cock hungry fellas who want the thing they lack the most?


      The Phantom Futa in The House of Ms. Desire.

      Ms. Desire has ALWAYS gotten what she wants. Will The Phantom Futa fall foul to the many rooms of pleasure Ms. Desire has laid for her? Will Ms. Desire get the spunk of our herm heroine? Find out in the next exciting issue of The Phantom Futa!!

    • XRebel:

      The Phantom Futa in: The Sex Shop of Whores.

      XD All I’m thinking of is her being stuck in the porno section of Aren’t We Naughty?

    • LC:

      Obviously “The Phantom Futa Returns” for that one, but you already know that I think 😛

    • Obsidian dave:

      The Phantom Futa in the Depths of Yurmout

    • Obsidian dave:

      The Phantom Futa and the Hole of Glory!

    • TreadedWater:

      “The Phantom Futa in: The Hall of Madame Mindbender!”

    • OK guys. I’m gonna submit some of these to Mad From Lazers and see what he likes. You can keep posting ideas here and I will keep a tally of the good ones for later use.

    • CSG:

      The Phantom Futa in: Semen Strike!

    • The Phantom Futa vs The Tentawhores

    • Obsidian dave:

      The Phantom Futa Takes All Comers

    • Some Guy:

      The Phantom Futa vs the Dildo Squad

    • Cyborger:

      The Phantom Futa vs The Cum Spewer

    • IHeartBlank:

      Just had another brainstorm: (above the title) How many more milkings can our heroine take from ToiBoi’s fiendish invention, the Jack-Off-In-A-Box?

      The Phantom Futa in…Pop, Goes the Futa!

    • apoll90:

      the phantom futa in rise of the raping raggea’s

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