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In the alley by Thriller

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Holy balls! Thriller’s back and in a big, BIG way!

He’s got a boner-worthy masterpiece for all of us to enjoy! Just check this baby out! We’ve got Drithique and Kristanna getting down and dirty in the alleyway!

They’ve both got stiletto heels on but very little else. The only things Kristanna’s wearing are her glasses and a bundle of vibrators strapped around the circumference of her massive, juicy, hole-stretching cock! Drithique’s not much better in the way of clothing, considering her boobs are busting out of her mesh top and her cock and balls are swinging free! She’s also got a string of huge beads trailing from her ass. I desperately want to tug those beads out and hear her asshole squeeze them out one by one: POP-POP-POP!!!

I’m having trouble typing through the puddle of drool that’s collected on my keyboard. And I can’t think clearly since literally ALL the blood in my body is now throbbing into my dick. But fucking hell, what more do you want me to say? What else can I say? Other than “Good to see you back Thriller, and sweet thundering ballsacks you do good work!”

– Rexxon

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