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Inner Demons by Nyuunzi

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You know, as an ex-WoW addict and roleplayer, I’m tempted to say if I had been lucky enough to encounter beautiful characters like Rain and her friend there, I would still be playing.

I’ve always been partial to warlocks. They’re sexy, sensual, dark and mysterious. They dominate their pets with such skill and grace to get whatever it is they need at the time. They make dark pacts in unspoken words about acts we probably should never hear. I like to imagine such a pact was made in this photo, leaving the Night elf dripping and squirming under the light of Elune. Her eyes blaze with lust for that thick demoness cock, and why shouldn’t they?

As far as cocks go in my opinion, Rain’s is… umff. Thick, bulbous head at the end of a rod so rock-hard and delicious it makes me drool to think of what it must do to those poor, unfortunate throats. Her cumorbs so full and heavy that tendrils of jizz are already leaking from her cockhead despite the tight ring wrapped around it, constricting the flow, making sure it’ll be a long, hard journey for the little night elf to get her fill. Yum. Just yum.

The thing is, when I manage to break my eyes away from that majestic dick and take in the rest of the picture, I absolutely LOVE it for so many other reasons. The choice of colors, the eerie sheen gracing the blood elf’s skin in her demon form and the magical energy flowing from her hand casting this ominous feel on the entire situation – is the night elf girl even aware she’s becoming such a slut as she rubs her aching clit? Or is she just another enslaved pet ready and willing to do her new master’s bidding?

Both girls have wonderful expressions, their kissable lips and soft flowing locks giving a bit of tenderness to this otherwise very naughty picture. The eyes…. Nyuunzi drew them fantastically on both characters. And their breasts… well, as a fan of puffy nipples and big, beautiful bosoms, I approve!

The one thing I wish is that we saw more expression on the night elf’s face to let us know if her look was “Oh my god, how am I going to take that thing?” or “I need it so badly I can’t control myself!” But when I take into account the poor girl might not have control of her thoughts at that moment, I’m somewhat amused by her stare.

Overall this photo has so many yummy details- the colors, the patterns used to give it a more dynamic feel, the lighting and even the background setting the mood for one’s mind to get carried away. I can only hope to see more from Nyuunzi featuring Rain and her many adventures through Azeroth and beyond. It just may re-ignite my desire to play (with myself, at least!)

– Nykkia

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    • homerman567:

      I’d make a train with them 2, preferably me on Futa who’s on girl, and hopefully knock both up

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