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It’s Not Fitting! by ParkdaleArt

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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Yeah….wearing a skirt when you’re a futanari with a giant dong? Not the most discrete outfit you could have.

But hey! It gets us an eyeful of yummy chocolate cock so why complain?!

Loving that giant round pillow of an ass, especially with those little sparkles on her buttcheeks to show how smooth and perfect her skin is!

Then we have her giant nutsack poking out past her panties. Big, round and full of cum! Balls like that you just want to pop into your mouth and suck!

And finally we come to the thick, meaty rod with the bright pink head. It’s like a cherry on top of your chocolate ice cream!

Absolutely gorgeous picture from ParkdaleArt, making us all aware of the perils of being a schoolgirl with an amazingly large dick.

As always, check out the artist’s page for more art and give him props for his work!

– Rexxon

ParkdaleArt ~ Hentai Foundry

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