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Ivory the Succubus by SlaveOfNewOrder

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At SlaveOfNewOrder’s Blog

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At SlaveOfNewOrder’s Blog

WOOP-WOOP! Alert! Pointless clothing detected! Impracticalness levels are at critical! Personal arousal spiking rapidly!

Once again, I have a real turn-on for girls in clothing that is so skimpy or weirdly designed that it doesn’t so much conceal as it does show off their hot-as-hell bodies. So you can imagine my dick turned to steel rebar after glimpsing this masterpiece by SlaveOfNewOrder!

Where to start? How about the…I hesitate to even call it a top…It’s more like a pair of…I dunno “nipple warmers”? Yeah, let’s go with that. She’s wearing a pair of nipple warmers that drape over her huge boobs leaving the sides completely exposed. Those luscious curves are all out in the open for us to drool over! Her big ol’ nipples are poking through, begging to be pinched and tweaked! It’s such a thin garment that a stiff breeze is likely to blow it off! And you know what? That totally works for me!

Of course her…cock-loincloth is just as fucking sexy! From the front? It barely covers her massive shaft as it grows erect. Her dick is just lifting up the loincloth as it grows bigger and bigger and bigger. From behind? It doesn’t cover anything at all! It just shows her cock and great big ballsack hanging loose and free!

So once you’re all done jerking off to this magnificent picture, wipe off your hands and go give SlaveOfNewOrder some praise for their brilliant work! And afterwards, click the picture to go to his blog and take a look at the alternate versions of this image. Then jerk off to it all over again!

– Rexxon

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