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Jennifer Clemens aka Grand Slam

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Name: Jennifer Roberta Clemens (age 40) aka Grand Slam

Powers: Pheromones (that make anyone want her) and her dick now has the power to drain superheroes/villains of their powers. She can only hold one hero at a time and cumming releases the previous persons powers.

Sometime in the future Moab’s enemies come together and bind a magic cock ring to her that would constantly edge her but not let her cum. After a month of this she is released(in more ways than one) this results in The Great Cumpocalypse and the force of it all strips her of her powers.

Part of the world is left smelling of squid and uninhabitable. Seriously though there’s still cum in the rain years after this happens. Only knowing the source of the blast, the damage it caused and no evidence of anything else(her teammates weren’t there to witness anything) the world court votes to have Jenny locked away for the safety of the public.

While locked up she meets an entity that would grant her new powers and free her for a price. After 10 years she is somewhat crazy and really pissed off so Jenny agrees. She is granted her new powers and told of her mission. She is to go to an earlier timeline and help the entity get a foothold in that world.

– RandomBoobGuy

Art by RandomBoobGuy ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
Jennifer Clemens aka Grand Slam belongs to RandomBoobGuy

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