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Jennifer Love Hewitt looks even better with a big dick

Jennifer Love Hewitt with a big dick and a banana up her ass

Shemale Jennifer Love Hewitt by Kinky Jimmy

Back before she started packing on the weight Jennifer Love Hewitt was the hottest chick around. I used to have a huge crush on her – hell, I still do! I can honestly say though that she looks much better with a big cock between her legs and a banana up her ass. I’m not sure how I feel about the candle in her dick-hole but I guess some people might like it. Is that some sort of fetish that I don’t know about? It looks like it would hurt! Aside from my fetish confusion I love the rest of the image. Kinky Jimmy really nailed the likeness of Jennifer Love Hewitt in her prime – when she was still thin with big natural breasts! If only she had a big shemale cock in real life for me to play with but alas that fantasy will have to remain in hentai form.

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