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Jenny Cums In Her Own Mouth by Kami Tora

Jenny Cums In Her Own Mouth by Kami Tora

Jenny Cums In Her Own Mouth by Kami Tora

I love everything about this picture of Jenny by renowned futanari artist Kami Tora. I love the fact that she dumped so much of her own cum down her throat that it made her cry and if you look closer at her enormous cock you will see her saliva showing how deep it was in her mouth. That’s some attention to detail right there and that’s how you know Kami Tora is a true futa fan!

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    10 Responses to “Jenny Cums In Her Own Mouth by Kami Tora”

    • Jacob:

      This picture makes me want to cum in my mouth!

    • jonnycake:

      Don’t cum in your own mouth, Jenny. Cum in mine.

    • Xorienne:

      oh man i know that look…..she made her self queezy. weird thing is if you chop off the pony tail and flatten the chest you have me my first time i swallowed my own. was wearing a red shirt too though no tiger on it lol. i remember the snotty, metallicy, sweet flavor and couldnt get the taste out of the back of my throat for a few hours……..wait…..why am i telling you this?

    • Aylith:

      This was the First futa pic I EVER Saw ^.^

    • can i clean up 🙂

    • This girl has an amazing cock :3

    • I heart Futa Girls:

      It’s all good Xorienne, since you shared so shall I, the first time I swallowed my own I was surprised at first that it wasn’t so bad of a taste at all like everyone says and I only swallowed because I was able to reach so far I got it all the way down my throat and I was somewhat choking on it. When I started to cum it came to me as such an enormous rush and so fast that I had to keep throwing my head down as fast and hard as I could to keep the pleasure up.

      So yeah this picture really reminds me what it was like the first time, but I didn’t look like that.

      I enjoyed this so much I um…. I did this 3 times in a row within just the first 2 nights of finally noticing I could do this…

      It was very surprising to me at how enjoyable it can be….

    • dony:

      I envy you guys who can do it yourselves. My cock is not small, but I still can’t reach it, no matter what. Is there any technique to do so? I really want to do it!

    • spelled_by_futanari:

      This is a huge cock if I was there I will be able to help you

    • futalover:

      your wasting cum let me show you how to properly take cum shotting into your mouth

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