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Jessica’s Troubles by Risax

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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Here we got a spank-worthy futanari by the name of Jessica! She’s the star of an awesome futanari story called Jessica’s Troubles, written by Risax.

She wants to hide the fact that she’s packing some serious heat in her pants, but her dick just keeps getting her into…well….”troubles”

Be sure to check out the story for more delicious shy, stacked, hung-like-a-stallion dickgirl action!

Art by Kras ~
Jessica and Story by Risax ~ Hentai Foundry

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    3 Responses to “Jessica’s Troubles by Risax”

    • JArl:

      What a beautiful piece. I love how Jessica’s delicious hog is shamelessly dangling outside of her skimpy bottom. I would love to be a random passerby to give her some much-needed oral relief.

    • Katsunga:

      Just red all the stories, so much awesome, and hopefully there will come more “chapters” 😀 Would not be too bad if Jessica got some action with another futagirl aswell.
      (maybe not so likely due to so big gap, but would be awesome if the draenei Lotharemas would get freaky with Jessica)

    • Risax:

      Glad my story, and pictures, are getting some action here too.
      Hope people enjoy the story. 😀

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