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Kaine getting ready by Alhetfer

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Oh would you look at this bitch. She knows you want to see that cock reach full erection. To see that pink glans peek out of her foreskin and start dribbling with a little flow of pre. To start tugging on her cock, feeling the foreskin slip up and down in your hand until she cums and sprays a thick stream of jizz everywhere.

Sexy smirk and bedroom eyes aside, Kaine here is quite a looker. Perfect hourglass figure with big pillowy breasts and nice wide hips and as I’ve already mentioned, one lovely cock!

Apparently Kaine is actually an intersex character in the game “Nier” where she’s originally from. Maybe the game company should have ask Alhetfer to do the cover art. Hell, I’d buy it! XD

– Rexxon

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