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Kaine posing seductively between battles

Sexy video game futanari Kaine from Nier Replicant PS3

Kaine from Nier Replicant

Things are kinda slow right now in the futa hentai world. How slow you ask? Slow enough for me to post a non-nude pic of Kaine from Nier Replicant. I actually really like this image but I doubt I ever would have made a post dedicated to it unless nothing else really caught my attention.

For those of you that don’t know of Kaine or what a Nier Replicant is you are not alone as the game didn’t do too well in America – Kaine shares the distinction of being one of two video game futas (Poison from Final Fight being the other one). That’s right, in the Japanese version she is an actual futanari character. I don’t know if the American version delved to that subject too deeply but Kaine has generated a lot of buzz within the dickgirl loving community. So there you go, now you know and knowing is half the battle. Of course if anyone wants to clarify or add anything to this post please leave a comment below.

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    8 Responses to “Kaine posing seductively between battles”

    • fuTA_luver:

      i luv it wen a futa has a either small or normal cock it just my cock drip full of pre-cum

    • fuTA_luver:

      and i luv how her legs are so thick

    • Alucard:

      Though I can’t say for the American Version, (I’ve never played it) the European Version has NO mention whatsoever of Kaine being a futa.
      Which was a shame, as that was really all that game could ever have going for it… The game iself is mediocre, to say the least.
      Why do the Censors hate Futanari so much? (Or anything good, for that matter. Many a game is butchered after they get their hands on them.)

    • Futa Fan:

      I think it was only mentioned or alluded to in the Japanese version.

    • Alucard:

      Still more than what the rest of the world got…

    • Necris:

      Hate to say it, US version isn’t much better, it suggests she may be a guy, when you “delve” into Kainé’s memories, but it doesn’t say so directly. It’s kind of a pain since you have to beat and replay the game to find the reference, “Whatcha’ acting as a girl for? Everyone knows what you really are!” By the way big fan of the site, I’ll try to help where I can!

    • Runaround:

      While the in-game references to it are limited to what Necris said, there’s a supplemental book called Grimoire Neir that has a bunch of artwork and short stories in it. One of them out-and-out features Kainé masturbating her brains out after killing a bunch of monsters. Apparantly killing makes her horny.

      Shame the book never made it state-side.

    • FutAfaN:

      Nier, my favorite. Normal/small sized dick, perfect boobies, amazing clothing, and epic position. would love to see her naked. would be even better if i could have her.

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