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Late Night by Barretxiii

Picture Removed At Ariza‘s Request–Late-Night

Now THIS is how you spend a weekend.

You grab a bowl of nachos, turn on your floor-to-ceiling plasma screen TV, power-up your Playstation and watch a hot blonde with a yummy cock use her mouth to lube up some anal beads before inserting them up her tight, perky butthole…

Well a man can dream anyway XD

We got Ariza again everyone! And this time she’s dressed nice and casual instead of her usual two-piece bikini number. Just a t-shirt stretched over her big beautiful boobies and a pair of tight jeans.  The jeans had to be unbuttoned of course. I mean can you imagine how uncomfortable she’d be with her huge cock trapped by her fly?

And no wonder why Ariza’s pitching a plus-sized boner! Ginger’s giving her one hell of a show! That gauzy garment’s not doing anything to hide the curves of her massive booty or the pair of balls dangling down from her crotch or the cock pressing against the carpet as it grows erect!

If you’re still not satisfied, just check out the background. Looks like we got Iris peeping inside, eager to join the fun! A little over-excited perhaps. She’s already jerked herself off and blown her load and the show hasn’t even started yet!

– Rexxon

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