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Latex and Mesh and Straps, Oh My! by Nazuu-M0nster

Futanari Obsession

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Mmm, yeah. Yeah, that title seems pretty legit XD

We have today, the lovely Sponty! All done up in skintight leather, a mesh bra and panties and tons of lovely strappy bits. My fetish for utterly useless clothing comes to the fore again. A mesh bra. I mean, come on! It leaves 99% of her massive wobbling tits visible anyway.

But that’s not nearly as useless as those mesh panties. At least, I think that’s what those are 😛

Her cock juts out of the crotch of her pants in its rock-hard glory and her swollen balls are wrapped up all nice and tight in a leather pouch, like a Christmas present waiting to be unwrapped (and sucked).

Impractical? Absolutely. Incredibly sexy? Undoubtedly. Straight-up fuckable? Hells yes!

Nazuu-M0nster ~ FurAffinity

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