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Latexia by Koi

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

Here’s another futanari character belonging to The Boi Mistress. I don’t have a story to go with Latexia, but I love her colors. She kinda reminds me of Dominika a little bit. I hope we see more of Latexia in the future.

Art by Koi ~ Tumblr
Latexia belongs to The Boi Mistress ~ Hentai Foundry

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    5 Responses to “Latexia by Koi”

    • Pikapi:

      Latexia, can i have some please? 😀 i promise i will be a good boy D:

    • futalover:

      Whoa, Latexia is a damn sexy futa! She can fuck my face or my ass as much as she wants! And if I’m a good boy she might let me fuck her! ;O


      Oh my. How interesting to see my characters pop up on here. But everything is credited. (Mostly just wanted to make sure the artists where credited) So it’s all good. I actually heard about this from someone else- how interesting.

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @THEBOImISTRESS – I’m glad you like it. I try to give all parties involved the proper credit.

    • TheBoiMistress:

      I do- and there is another Latexia picture coming out soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

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