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Lets go for a ride!

Sexy dickgirl with puffy nipples and glasses

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Hey guys gals and futas, LC here. Y’know, I like Futanari, and the right picture gets me off. Especially ones like this one. I havent seen too much of TK83‘s style but I love it! Not too cartoony but not too realistic either, a perfect mix.

So where do I begin on this pic? Big tits are always a plus, you can never have em too big and these arent ridiculous they’re just right, and juicy. I love the way her hardened nipples stick out through her dress. Sweet curves, a small lithe body I want to pick up and bang up against the wall. But best of all is her big cock. Wouldnt be Futa without a big, sexy, cock. Its nice to have pics where the juicy bits are covered up because it leaves more to the imagination, leaves you wanting to see whats underneath. The way the sun shines through the window is just icing on the cake.

Love this babe, love the pick, cant wait to see more!

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