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Locker Room Part 8 by Donutwish

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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This is Stephanie back at it again after what I assume is several months to years battling brain cancer in a hospital (don’t really care to judge how long). You may also be like, Stephanie who? we just want our damn futa picture, so I have one!

Now I remember what I live for, great futanari pictures and comics such as this one. Even though all eight are good I decided to post this one and let you all go see the rest of the series for yourself as you should! This futa is priceless passing out after cumming I only ever done this once and let me tell you wow the emotions to get there. Let me continue before I drool all over myself, the daughter walks in to find her mom with her hand on some girls cock. I think she has some explaining to do and one akward conversation.

– Stephanie

Art by Donutwish ~ Hentai Foundry

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    2 Responses to “Locker Room Part 8 by Donutwish”

    • Pikapi:

      Damn, to fight brain cancer … what else to say that you are an IRON woMAN (sorry, bad pun i know) i’m pretty sure it’s must be hard to fight that type of cancer, since it mgiht affect your ability to do things, but i hope for you that the cancer will get his(?) ass kicked out of your brain.

      I wish you luck against that eternal rival, those kinds of messages remind me to enjoy and appreviate the life more than i actually do. To be able to life with a perfect healthy life and yet sometime i goes a bit sad in some moment. Courage and burn that MOFO!!!

    • Pikapi:

      and now, comment about this Doujinshi(?), i hope there is some WINcest going on after … if there is going to be a continuation, but since it’s a part 8 … i guess i haveto let my imagination go wild for the WINcest action 😀

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