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The prevalence of faery semen found inside slugs led some to believe that the faeries were engaging slugs in much the same way as a farmhand engages a sheep – but the reality is slightly different from expectations.

It shouldn’t be too surprising which the slugs, being hermaphroditic, assume that the male faeries and female faeries are interchangeable. Thus, on occasion, a sleeping male faery may be caught by one of these amorous slugs, and the result is a love dart in an uncomfortable place. During the “altercation,” such a captured male faery might inadvertantly
ejaculate in the slug’s unknowing membrane, although it has not been demonstrated that the slugs are aware of this or that it is an intended consequence of faery-slug mating.

Although it was recently called in to question whether all of these male specimens were truly “sleeping” prior to their intense sexual congress with slugs…

– Majalis

I’m just going to assume that a “male faery” is kinda like a trap. With an ass like that what else am I gonna do? I can’t not jerk off to this pic, it’s too awesome.

Art by Majalis ~ Hentai Foundry

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