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Love in the Forest – Art by C0RROS1ON

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I found a new futa artist on Hentai Foundry that I thought you all might like. They go by the name C0RROS1ON and, as you can see here, they like to draw oversized dickgirl cock and balls. That’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but I love the art style. For example: my favorite part about this piece is the coloring. I love the fact that the blue demon chick has a pink anus. It’s very, errr, inviting! lol

If you dig C0RROS1ON’s art as much as I do make sure you follow them on Hentai Foundry. Even better, leave a comment and let them know what you think!

Art by C0RROS1ON ~ Hentai Foundry

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    14 Responses to “Love in the Forest – Art by C0RROS1ON”

    • futalover:

      I wish I was lost in that forest so then I can meet that lady and her big juicy dick and see how old I can last

    • technogen:

      I’d be so happy to give that pretty purple anus a french kiss!

    • futalover:

      @technogen yes the anus is lovely but I would want to suck on those nice big nipples

    • alex:

      nice ;3

    • technogen:

      @futalover: Be my guest! Suck on her nipples all you want. Meanwhile I’ll describe to you how her asshole tastes 😀

    • futalover:

      @technogen good so then I’ll let you know how her juicy nipples taste and how her Brest milk taste as well and since theirs two I may share.

    • futalover:

      @technogen its all about teamwork

    • technogen:

      @futalover: Hear, hear! By the way, did you notice that we’ve missed a crucial thing? I am of course talking about her big salty sweaty balls! They are not visible too well here, but if you look closely behind her dick you can see the outline and appreciate how big they are. And by sweaty, I really mean sweaty: nothing brings up the delicious taste of cum-filled balls like fresh sweat from fucking. So yummy! 😛

    • futalover:

      @technogen all this talk is making my hungry and horny. Of course I noticed those balls I was wondering actually if you saw them and their nice juicy and the cum why let the girl have all of it we can both take turns with those nice juicy and monster cock and you can have first go if you like.

    • technogen:

      @futalover: Thanks! I’ll be sure not to drink all the cum and leave some for you! 😀 I love this picture so much! Her facial expression, her big juicy muscly legs, her big luscious tits, her nipples that will make even the most straight guy learn the meaning of the word “sucking”. Her rock-hard thick veiny cock, lost in the depths of that incredibly lucky read-headed lady, her giant round cum-filled balls peaking from behind her cock, her incredibly tasty-looking beautiful purple asshole, the way she stands over that red-headed lady, looks up and moans. On one hand I want to get on my knees in front of her, tilt my head backwards, close my eyes and open my mouth as wide as I can. On the other hand, I want to lie on my stomach, spread my legs and raise my butt upwards.

    • futalover:

      @technogen i couldnt say it better myself exceptni would wantnto face her while shes destroying my ass with the monster. I appreciate you saving me some delicious cum and have yo noticed her long slim tail around me and use it to hold control my movement and maybe if I can still go which I probably be able to have her shove her tail down my throat so that its touching her dick.

    • technogen:

      @futalover: Oh, that’s a great idea! I’d also love to look into her eyes as she’s wrecking my ass! About the tail: I’d rather have her wrap her tail around my neck, just to show me who’s boss. 🙂

    • futalover:

      @technogen the onlybthing I would want to choke on/by is that dick

    • Futalover:

      @technogen i realized something those nice nipple are big enough to to slide my dick in them (may take a while) and i wonder how breast milk and cum take together

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