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Love of Life by Barretxiii

Shemale and futanari hentai

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That’s one really big cock on the purple draenei. It’s not even fully-erect and it’s almost reaching her knees. And the foreskin is bunching up deliciously around the head. Look at those veins pulsing along the shaft. Mmmm…makes you want to run your tongue along it.

Looking at that gigantic, cum-filled ballsack it’s no wonder that the blue draenei got preggers 😛

I personally have thing for pregnant ladies as much as I do for futanari. So this is one of those pitch-perfect pictures that just tickles me in all the right ways.

Big props to Barretxiii for his great work!

– Rexxon

Barretxiii ~ Hentai Foundry

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