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Lovely Limayra by Xatiav

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Am, am I having a bad trip? ‘Cause if so I’m trippin’ mad balls. Heh heh, I said “balls”…

Seriously though, these are some way psychedelic colors in this picture. And there are also plenty of balls. Balls bound in metal rings, balls wrapped tightly in leather, balls covered in melted wax, balls being milked for cum! And cocks! Cocks inflating condoms like balloons of cum, cocks being pumped until the veins bulge and the head turns red, cocks linked to nipples and tongues! And breasts and tails and dildos and, and…

Look just open the damn picture and see for yourself.

You definitely want to fullscreen this baby. Otherwise you’re going to miss out on the metric tons of detail Xatiav put into this piece and we at Futanari Obsession thank him for it.

– Rexxon

Xatiav ~ Hentai Foundry

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