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Loving the Law by Ninja Kitty

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Becky and Genie are back! And it looks like they’re visiting their lawyer, the svelte and sexy Ms. Hart!

They were supposed to sign some documents, but I guess they decided they’d rather sign in jizz. Right now they’re laying claim to Ms. Hart’s sweet ass and mouth and they look determined to make their marks as deep as possible! Don’t believe me? Just look at their cocks and you can see the faint shine of pussy juice and saliva that shows just how far those cocks have been plunging into that lawyer’s tight bod!

Also, that bitch in the background needs to stop staring! Either close your damn mouth and get back to work or make yourself useful and open wider to let these two dick-swinging ladies in!

Nude version can be found here for those who don’t like pesky clothes covering the action!

– Rexxon

Ninja Kitty ~ Hentai Foundry

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    One Response to “Loving the Law by Ninja Kitty”

    • Mort:

      I love Ninja Kitty, but this isn’t my favorite iteration of these characters. InCase and, especially, StickyMon are better in my opinion.
      Weird segue, but part of this comments Captcha spelled out ‘FAP’, humorously enough.

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