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Mammaria’s Success by Xpov

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Mmmmm mmmmm There’s nothing like a cup ‘o genital reassignment formula to start your day. Mammaria can attest to that! Now all she has to do is work on getting it into pill form for the whole world to enjoy.

I’ve been following Xpov for a while now but for some reason I keep forgetting to feature him on MPL Toons or Futanari Obsession. That’s not a slight on him as an artist, it’s a knock on me – I’m not doing my job. So I decided to correct that mistake and feature “Mammaria’s Success” today because, well, why the fuck not, right?

You guys know me, I’m not into the whole over-sized-futa-cock thing but it works really well here – There’s sort of a tongue-in-cheek thing Xpov has going on with this piece and it fits. I also dig the sense of motion this image conveys through the spurt of pre-cum and the genital reassignment formula’s steam.

Definitely check out Xpov’s portfolio on Hentai Foundry because he has a lot of fun pics in there. He doesn’t seem to do a lot of dickgirl hentai but maybe that will change if we all show our support. Futa fans unite!

Xpov ~ Hentai Foundry

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