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Meet Hedora by Anasheya

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Now I know this picture isn’t the most overtly explicit thing out there, but honestly the world needs more Rule 34 of ancient Greece. I mean it’s not like there’s not enough material to work with.

Here are some snippets of Greek myth:

-the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was born when the balls of Uranus (harr, harr) fell into the sea. She spent the rest of her days happily sleeping around and being worshiped in ritual prostitution.

-the mythical character of Hermaphroditus from whom we get the word “hermaphrodite ”

-the mortal woman Alcmene had sex with her husband and then with Zeus, and gave birth to twin sons, each of whom had a different father. One son was mortal and one was the famed hero Heracles.

-when Zeus went around impregnating mortal women, using various disguises so his sister-wife Hera won’t find out. These disguises included a bull, a swan, and a shower of gold coins.

Let me repeat that: Zeus impregnated a woman. In the form. Of a shower of gold coins…Somehow….

The ancient Greeks were into some pretty weird shit.

Anyway, that’s enough culture for one week. Your regularly scheduled erotica will return tomorrow.

– Rexxon

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