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Meryl by InCase

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CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At InCase’s Blog

So here’s another artist giving his twist on someone else’s character!

The illustrious InCase recently tried his hand at drawing Dmitrys’ dominating dickgirl Meryl!

Those cocksucker lips, those giant tits, that rockhard dick. It’s the perfect package! Pun very much intended.

My favorite part…well my favorite part is that enormous cumshot! But my second favorite part of this picture is how the skin of Meryl’s dick is bunching up around her fingers, showing just how firmly she’s beating her meat! My third favorite part has to be the way her pierced nips are poking through her tank-top which is looking several sizes too small for her tits! And my fourth favorite part is the way those super-short shorts are bulging around her massive balls!

Okay, so maybe every part of this picture is my favorite. But that should clue you in on how much I fucking love this thing!

Now a slight side-tangent here. When InCase was drawing this tribute he tried to make Meryl look like she had plastic surgery a few times, hence the really exaggerated touches to her face.
Meryl is supposed to be getting into her forties after all and InCase tried to give the impression of a woman who is using exercise and plastic surgery to keep her youthful/slutty appearances. As with all things on the internet, there’s debate as to whether or not it works. There’s people who like how InCase drew Meryl and there’s people who hate it. Likewise there’s people who like only all-natural boobs and some people who enjoy boobs produced by surgery.

Me personally? I dunno. Personally I say that if we can make women with decades of sexual experience have the perky tits and tight body of an eighteen-year old? Screw it, science is doing its job.

And if InCase can turn out a picture that makes my dick hard? Screw it, he’s also doing good things.

Rock on InCase! And you too Meryl!

– Rexxon

Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog
Meryl belongs to Dmitrys ~ Website

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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    3 Responses to “Meryl by InCase”

    • joe:

      Dam that zipper must hurt like a bitch!

    • pachi:

      I believe the term was “Old plastic bimbo whore manface”

      I like it. Yea he could have given us a generic hot face but there’s something hot about a woman that looks like she’s fighting (and winning) to keep her good looks.

    • Theother:

      InCase drawing a dmitrys character? Oh god lord this is too much of a treat.

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