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Mesmer Show by DrGraevling

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

That’s a neat little magic trick this sexy Mesmer is using here, creating illusory copies of herself to entertain some lucky guests. Her duplicates even have a tasty bit extra! These blonde beauties have boobs, balls, butts and boners galore!

I like it when we get to see people using their powers or magic to pull of some creatively naughty sex scenes. Personally I think I’d like the power to slow down time, so I can watch a gorgeous girl’s boobs and ass wiggle and jiggle in slow-motion. Plus there’s all sorts of hijinks I could get up to with that sort of ability. Anyone else out there got a neat idea for superpowered sex? And no, shapeshifting doesn’t count. Too obvious.

Sincere thanks to the awesome DrGraevling for making these lovely ladies! Or uh, “lady” I guess…

– Rexxon

DrGraevling ~ Hentai Foundry

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    5 Responses to “Mesmer Show by DrGraevling”

    • DMJ:

      mind controlling sperm would be kinda cool

    • J:

      Mesmer is a guy, no the girl

    • Lady K:

      As a woman and a futa fan, I wish I had the ability to grow a functioning cock and balls whenever I want them. I love being a woman and the femininity of my body but I get high off of the feeling of empowerment I get while role-playing with a strap-on. Strap-ons are fun, but sometimes I wish I could really feel my husband’s lips wrapped around my cock instead of just enjoying the view.

    • Somefag:

      You’d have to be a REALLY good Mesmer to be able to do this,like Queen Jennah level.

      Also,as a Guild Wars lore freak I wonder:Who is she entertaining?Is this a private show for the corrupt ministers,like Caudecus?Or are the White Mantle secretly having parties while they plan to take over Kryta?

    • Shadowblade:

      In reply to Somefag, very late I know… No, you would NOT have to be anywhere near queen Jennah’s level to pull something like this off.

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