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Mey Mey and Rara by MyPetTentacleMonster


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We should all know Amaterasu’s character Mey Mey by now, but perhaps we don’t all know Rara. Rara is the cute yet naughty little pet tentacle monster that’s currently ravishing Mey Mey’s sleek, sexy bod with its numerous and versatile appendages! Look at how happy the little fella is!

And you’d be happy too if you could do what Rara’s doing. Namely if you had tentacles that you could wrap around Mey Mey’s great heaving breasts and coil around her cock while also snaking around her ballsack so she’s forced to hold back the tidal wave of cum she’s building up. Then stroking and groping and teasing until she’s fit to burst and only then allowing her to blow a milkshake-thick stream of cum into the air!

Yeah. You’d be pretty happy 😀

MyPetTentacleMonster did some gorgeous work here with Rara’s bright, vibrant colors, the veiny shaft of Mey Mey’s cock, the bloated pressure in her balls and the crazy-happy expression of sheer orgasmic relief on her face! So go to the picture’s HF page and show Mey Mey and Rara some love!

– Rexxon

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