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Mey Mey banging a catgirl by DearEditor

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Sometimes, you just gotta pick up your lover, press ’em against the wall, and bang the fuck out of them!…You know. If you’re both into that sort of thing. Mey Mey certainly is, judging by this lovely image of her ramming her cock hard and deep into her catgirl friend.

This is DearEditor’s first picture to show up on Futanari Obsession and it’s a real beaut! The sheen of the sweat produced from their intense fucking, their flushed cheeks, half-lidded eyes and open-mouthed gasps wonderfully convey the orgasmic bliss they’re both experiencing. The internal shot is also amazing, showing Mey Mey’s fat cock plunging all the way up the catgirl’s pussy (see what I did there?) and pouring hot seed into her womb.

Our thanks to Amaterasu and DearEditor for making this incredible pic possible!

– Rexxon

DearEditor ~ Hentai Foundry

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