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Mey Mey Swimsuit by Ganassa


CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Ganassa’s Blog

Is it my imagination or do we get more bikini pictures coming out during winter?

Not that I’m complaining that we get to see Mey Mey’s hot body dressed in the skimpiest of skimpy bikinis. She’s getting stares from all the guys (and girls) on the beach and she’s loving it. Her cock is swelling and unfurling from all the attention and is ready to bust out of the too-thin fabric of her bikini bottom. And speaking of “bust”, her tits are positively perfect spheres that complete an amazing hourglass figure with her perfect

Mey Mey really does have the figure to pull off this outfit. The only way she’d wear that bikini better if she wasn’t wearing it at all. We’d get a gorgeous view and Mey Mey could avoid getting unsightly tanlines. EVERYONE WINS!

Also be sure to check Ganassa’s blog for some sweet wallpaper versions of this picture!

– Rexxon

Ganassa ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blog

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    One Response to “Mey Mey Swimsuit by Ganassa”

    • KenJoe:

      This is my all time fav of Mey Mey. She may not be fucking anyone, but still so sexy. The shading and lighting spots just make her skin sooo lickable. The glasses make her look kinda sweet and innocent which an extreme turn on. But, Lord have mercy what I would let her do to me, since I know she’s not.

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