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Mey Mey’s Accidental Summon of Luzella by Lucien

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Mey Mey’s back everybody!

She was trying to summon a sexy little succubus she could have some morally questionable fun with but she blew the ritual and now she’s going to have to blow the demonic horse-cock of the powerful and otherworldly Luzella (LuLu to her friends/fucktoys). Lucien’s created a real knockout with his new original character and she’s really pounding the everloving balls out of Mey Mey’s tight ass.

I love the weight that Lucien gave to everything in this picture. The cum leaking from Mey Mey’s holes, the piercings in Luzella’s nipples and the sway of her tits are all so beautifully illustrated that it feels very real. Most of all I adore how Luzella’s cock is curving back slightly. It’s as though the force of her blowing her load actually caused her rod to pop out of Mey Mey’s ass! Now it’s just swinging around, propelled by the cum still pouring from her shaft, hosing everything around her with goo!

Lucien? Once again you’ve hit it out of the park! I hope we get to see more of LuLu soon!

– Rexxon

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