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Mii Nude Pin-Up by Sawer Wolf – Jungle de Ikou!

Jungle de Ikou! Dickgirl Hentai at FutanariObsession

Hey! I’ve actually seen this anime (Jungle de Ikou!) so I know who Mii is! Wow, that might actually be a first for this website lol. Usually I have no idea who half these characters are that I feature because I don’t watch anime, but now I can actually talk about it. Happy days!

So, if I remember correctly, Jungle de Ikou! is a movie about a young girl who acquires magical powers, but the trade off is when she uses them they turn her into an extremely busty women. The movie is more silly than sexy, but the animation is solid and the story is fun. If you haven’t seen Jungle de Ikou! before I suggest correcting that mistake asap!

Oh, and obviously she doesn’t have a dick in the anime. Just in case you were wondering lol

Art by Sawer Wolf ~ Hentai Foundry

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