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Mina’s Slaves by Magui

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Simply browsing the foundry for new futa pics to add to my collection, I came across this commissioned piece by Magui.

Firstly, I’m a big WoW player (Guild Wars 2 being the placeholder for now), but I’ve always loved the female elves in the game. Seeing a futa version of a blood elf is just awesome. Seeing her titfuck two sultry night elves is just…too much for one girl to handle. Mina, the futa death knight, is putting her darnassian slaves to good use.

I like the vibrant colors used and the expressions on their faces. Personally a good piece in my opinion. A girl like me would LOVE to be in either position there, but alas, only the imagination will have to do.

– Vennica

Magui ~ Hentai Foundry

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    • afrothundah:

      you’re a girl?……huh I guess it all makes sense now, I thought you were a bycurious guy lol

    • Futagnarly:

      There are a few different authors if you note the first line of each post.

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