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Mistress Futa on Vacation by Dmitrys

Sexy futanari babe in a tight swimsuit

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Goddamn Dmitrys has done it again! I would give my left nut to go on vacation with Mistress Futa and watch her walk around on the beach with those big tits and cock hanging out. Hopefully she lets me rub sunscreen all over her oversized member – getting sunburn there would suck for sure. Then again if Mistress Futa does get a sunburned cock I can rub aloe all over it so it’s a win/win. Well, a win for me not Mistress Futa.   Dmitrys nows how to make a sexy shemale that’s for sure. I always love the outfits he puts them in (then they are actually clothed) – sort of a mixture of S&M and everyday garments. Hot.

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    4 Responses to “Mistress Futa on Vacation by Dmitrys”

    • fuTA luver:

      i love her huge sexy legs, ass, tits, those curves and the perfect tone of muscle she has, i wish i coulb be doing her from the front and be making out with her at the same time and also shuving my face into those tits

    • mrurist:

      My ass is yours, mistress. Anytime you want, anywhere you want, for as long as you want.

    • jonnycake:

      Mrurist is now Jonnycake

    • If she gets a sunburn on her cock I would be happy to keep it cold with my tongue, spit, and don’t forget my ass will be ready!

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