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Molotov Coqtiz is packing a big gun!

Venture Brother Molotov Cocktease futanari by Kinky Jimmy

Shemale Molotov Coqtiz by Kinky Jimmy

Venture Brothers is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. It’s funny,violent and has some really sexy characters like Molotov Coqtiz (pronounced “Cocktease” for those not familiar with the show). So when I saw this pic by Kinky Jimmy of the Russian mercenary packing a huge cock under her costume I almost came in my pants. Brock Samson would not be pleased with my lack of self control. Needless to say I would give my left nut to suck on Molotov Coqtiz’s huge tits and monster cock. I bet when she cums it’s like a fire hose of semen getting turned on. Damn, she can tease my cock any day…….ok that was lame – Brock would be very disappointed today.

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