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Moriko and her maid by Rinayun

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Moriko the succubus is taking her pet human out for a walk! Of course being a succubus, she needs a good sucking every now and then. Luckily her pet is willing to attend to her needs no matter where they are or who might be watching!

Really digging this picture! The contrast between the extremely normal environment of a park and the unusual sight of a cherry-red succubus getting a blowjob from a blonde futa is just great! Then we have the posing of the characters with Moriko resting her heeled boot on her pet human’s back while the pet is on her knees in a posture of pure submission.

But my favorite part is how there’s a huge stream of cum leaking out of the blonde’s asshole! Moriko must have given her a cream filling and then plugged up her butthole with that faux dog tail before going for their walk! Can you imagine that poor girl, walking around with her skirt swishing over her huge ass and her cock while her mistress’ cum sloshes around inside her?

That’s fucking hot right there 😀

– Rexxon

Art by Rinayun ~ Hentai Foundry

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