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Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked by Dmitrys

Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked while working out by Dmitrys

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I don’t know if you guys saw this latest pic of Dmitrys’ original character Meryl on his website but it definitely sparked some debate. In an effort to make her a little more unique Dmitrys decided to buff her up a bit so here she is working out whilst getting her beautiful cock sucked off (side note – you need to see the level of detail that he put into the saliva on her dick, it’s amazing).

Some people weren’t too thrilled with the amount of muscle mass Meryl has put on but other people seem to love it. Me personally, I thought her body was perfect before (see it here) but that’s not to say I can’t or haven’t rubbed one out to this piece. While I am not a huge fan of very muscular woman I still think Meryl is hot as hell thanks to Dmitrys’ amazing level of quality and talent.

I find it interesting though that the change to her character caused so much debate. It’s funny but sometimes I don’t think artists realize that fans form an attachment to their characters and thus need to become responsible custodians of these characters. Buuuut on the other hand Dmitrys created Meryl and can technically do what ever he wants with her. All of these things aren’t unique to hentai artists, George Lucas has been getting backlash for years from his fans for the changes he makes but without him there would never be a Star Wars to begin with.

What do you guys think? Do you like the new Meryl or her older version? Is Dmitrys allowed to mess with characters that fans love or is he responsible for keeping them the same forever? Leave a comment below and feel free to debate the shit out of this!

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    23 Responses to “Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked by Dmitrys”

    • Rhoond:

      I honestly liked Meryl before, mainly because that was the one that we all came to know and love. Like you said though, Meryl is Dmitrys’ character to do with as he pleases (lucky). So if he wants to buff her up and make her look like an extreme bodybuilder that is his choice. Does that mean we love Meryl that much less? Hell fucking no.

      On a side note, shes still fucking hot. Like it or not, gotta give credit to Dmitrys for his devotion to it. I have yet to see a piece of his artwork that I have not squeezed a couple out for.

    • Mista:

      In all honesty I couldnt care less it she was buff or not actually I think like her more this way
      Ps: I loved the sheeva futanari u posted a while back

    • Some Guy:

      I liked Meryl before this bulking up. She is still hot but with the extra bulk her hotness went down. I know they’re his characters but that doesn’t mean I have to like the change. He did say that she’s extra bulky in this pic because she’s working out though so hopefully when we see her at rest she isn’t too huge.

    • Ohime:

      I love it! Mmm yummy!

    • James Games:

      I would go to the gym for this… for every day of my life… even if I’m dying, in fact I want to see this would be my dying wish. *crosses fingers* Please world Please! I know your the biggest dick out there(pun not intended) but make my last day a happy one before I go to Hell(Level 2 Hell).

    • James Games:

      Sorry for 2nd post but just realized “FAPOUT” is written on Meryl’s top…thingy. I love comedy in the middle of super sexy-time and the bottle that says “Booty Sweat” Who knows what that was used for.

    • ZAND3R:

      WIshin I was Meryl right about now… XD

    • Nikcesco:

      This might be an unpopular opinion. But I think, at times, there is too much weight given to the opinions of fans. It is not the responsiblity of the artist to maintain the expectations of fans. The perception of fans is generally a conservative one. Which stifles progression anc change. Without change[, media such as this becomes stale. It’s best to enjoy what you have had, and look forward to new things on the horizon.
      The diffrence between what Dmitry did with his character, and what George Lucas did with his movies; Is that, Dmitry didn’t go back and edit his old pictures so that the old Meryl looks like the new Meryl. He’s actually creating new content. So if you like old Meryl, you can always look at those old pictures.

    • Rhoond:

      Preciously, thank you. Back to fapping to this one. 🙂

    • I liked the look of the character before, but if he wants to have her stand out from his other characters that’s fine. I thought she was unique enough but ultimately if he sits down and looks at his spread of characters and feels one is too much like another and wants to change it…the ongoing nagging feeling could end up causing him to scrap one of them or be less enthusiastic about doing work of them. I’ve been there myself so I get it.

    • Traxx:

      Aaaahhhhh the infamous Meryl Update Debate (Lol)

      Like I posted on the D’s site:

      Yes, i do love the new Meryl look

      But, I prefer her Older look

      plus, I thought D already had Linna Del’Oso as the muscular chic for the series (Turns out he said something about “No More Linna”)

      Though, I agree that we the fans have rights to object at changes to beloved characters by artists; we can’t 7 shouldn’t force them to NOT take a step they want, just inform them of our feelings on the matter.

      All that being said, this is still Dmitrys we’re talking about & his art is STILL going to be hott as fuck; Meryl muscular or not!

    • kashk:

      I’m just wondering who has a harder workout meryl or the one trying to take in her cock

    • Nanashi:

      Ok, first off, am I the only one who laughed at the title for this piece. I mean seriously, Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked “by Dmitrys” <—– Did anyone else catch this!!!!!

      Now onto what really matters.

      Personally, I like muscular women. Not those body builder types though, I mean I like my women with some muscle definition. This piece may be going a little over board, but I still think Meryl is hot as balls(no pun intended)!!! She may be stronger than me now, but I would still give anything to my cock buried in that body. Sadly, this is but a dream so I must continue with the international pass time of Fapping.

    • balls:

      I like this I love buff Meryl’s thighs.

    • Evilkaz:

      not gonna lie, I’m not diggin the change too much. Meryl was probably my favorite dmitrys character because see was so in the middle. She wasn’t too muscular but too weak either. The could be pictures where she got fucked or did the fucking. I kinda hope she loses the weight but who knows. Its his character, just putting my opinion out there.

    • @Nanashi – I actually debated whether or not I was going to keep Dmitrys name in the title but I erred on the side of SEO lol

    • @Nikcesco – Thanks for your input, it’s always cool to get the point of view of an artist when discussing things like these.

    • jonnycake:

      Bit much for me. Not that I’m against change, but I don’t like guys that big; why would I want a woman that big? But that’s just me.

    • Cyborger:

      I’m not hating on Meryl but I’m mainly looking at the Staff Member 😀

    • jonnycake:

      She looks like a guy with boobs.

    • jonnycake:

      Not that I wouldn’t beg Meryl to fuck me.

    • cHUNLI1245:

      Love her like this she has a Strong / Hot / Sexy Thing going on. Meryl is big bad strong and raping is her game…But!!! when she meets Linna Del Oso Meryl gets put in her place as bottom bitch. I’d love to get the story behind the “Meryl’s Intense Workout”! pic.

    • J:

      FapOut bahahaha excellent

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