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Mystery Futa Returns by IDrawNintendoPorn

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So this chick is back once again. And once again her soft, luscious body is being fondled and teased by some lucky dudes’ hands.

The soft mounds of her breasts and her nipples tantalizingly hidden underneath her sheer top. A finger poking into her tight puckered asshole, causing her stiff cock to let loose with a creamy cumshot! Of course the clincher is the adorable expression she has, embarrassed of her body’s reactions and yet clearly unable to hold back the wave of pleasure rushing through her loins.

But just who is this Mystery Futa? The world may never know….

– Rexxon

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    5 Responses to “Mystery Futa Returns by IDrawNintendoPorn”

    • Lori:

      she kinda reminds me of those cyborgs from phantasy star. some where totally robotic, but some of the female ones had human looks. i wish i remember the name of them tho.

    • Randomguy664:

      She looks like T-elos from Xenosaga.

      The commissioner of these images plays it real close to the chest, so the person likely doesn’t want us to know. But given his excellent taste in futa, it’s one of those ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ things.

    • Big rig:

      I like the design of this character. Especially dat chinpiece.

      @Lori: I think you are referring to the CASTs. Since you have mentioned Phantasy Star, it’s been a long time since I have played the game (specifically the PSU games in the PSP).

    • Lori:

      @Big rig: There we are. That’s the name of em. (Same game I played too)

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