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Nahaara and her friend by Faustsketcher

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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Well, it feels like its been an eternity, again.

Well, first of, picture commissioned by R’nangho! Featuring his FFXIV OC, Nahaara, as a futanari this time around, enjoying her time with her friend (Elezen female whose name i was asked to keep anonymous) on a pleasantly warm early summer afternoon 😀

Sometimes I swear this commissions make me realize how many romantic afternoons I wasted being an idiot back in the day— well like 8-4 years ago.. i swear im not THAT old yet (Just turned 23 last month, its a hard time, ya know how the song goes…)

Anyway, was fun to draw Nahaara once more. It had been quite a long while. Kind of felt a bit nostalgic haha

​And I think I owe a bit of an explanation, also to keep some of the commissioners, who might be waiting for sketches.., just up to date on why am i taking forever to deal with things.

Thing is, again, there was a huge event, although this time of high importance since it was a sort of… exposition for companies who had arranged to come check out and see if there is any potential and all among the students.

That said I didnt think i wouldnt be able to cope with it, but by early-mid May i just had to take a full stop on commissions for the following couple weeks well, 3, until last week pretty much, to work on that. Didnt help that a group i was very interested into turned out to show up and had to spend 2 flipping days working all night just to organize something to show. Gotta love surprises… OTL

Anyway, last week I tried to get back on working on commissions but I sadly only did some linearts and sketches and nothing i would even consider really productive. But truth be told I hadn’t taken a fucking break in a month so i was… slacking a lot to be honest, and some days I barely drew at all. I really cant blame that on no one, so Im really sorry = ? Sometimes I just need to stop and take a break.

Now, this week I have actually been working much more, finished this picture you guys are seeing now, i have another almost finished and plan on finishing another one by the weekend, around saturday maybe.

I still cant say im back 100% though, because in the illustration department we are so blessed to have the privilege to make another school only small expo, for students to enjoy, which consists on making books. We have 3 weeks. I just honestly think they want to kill us to be honest, but what do i know. Just expecting a fucking break after that huge ass project is too much i guess.

So I cant promise pictures everyday, because i have to do like a couple dozen for the new project, but maybe 3 a week, 2 if it gets bad, that I can assure, starting this week with the coming 3 pictures i mentioned including this one.

I am really tired myself of being away so fucking much, mostly because I love this damn place, this community kinda makes you feel at home and I feel like that asshole son who never calls. But I will try to do something, and even if its little, schedule better my time so at least every week i have some pictures to post up.

Thanks again to all the people who are still hanging around, and to those in skype trying to cheer me up every damn day haha you do real MVP.

Cheers people!

– Faustsketcher

I know some of you have been wondering what Faustsketcher has been up to lately so hopefully this clarifies things. I love his artwork and I wish him all the best. Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Hell, I know I do.

Art by FaustSketcher ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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    One Response to “Nahaara and her friend by Faustsketcher”

    • Vennica:

      makes me wanna go back and play FFXIV…if only i could get over the tedious job grinding.

    • BG:

      LOL, pics with gays on it (traps, shemales and etc) are 5 starred. Pics with girls are disliked … mostly. Waiting for EU to wipe itself xD

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