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Nanako Dakimakura by Uthstar01


How amazing would it be to wake up every morning, roll over and see a blue, big-cocked, big-boobed babe like Nanako lying in the bed next to you?

Sadly that portal to the universe containing our deepest desires hasn’t been invented yet…so for now enjoy this sexy-as-hell pillowcase from Uthstar! Trust me when I say that this is worth full-screening! 😀

Just let your eyes feast on Nanako’s slinky tail, that dripping pussy, her thick blueberry-flavored lollipop-cock, right up that sexy six-pack, over the jiggling hills of her boobs and right up to that seductive and sultry face of hers!

…Why are you still here?…Why are you not fullscreening this?…

In the immortal worlds of Ahnuld, “DO IT! DO IT NOW!”

– Rexxon

Uthstar01 ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot

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    7 Responses to “Nanako Dakimakura by Uthstar01”

    • Seia:

      sexiest futa ive ever seen

    • bender bending rodriguez:


      Shitfuck on a pbj sammich shes the finst piece of ass ive seen in a ong time

    • FutAfaN:

      when i saw this, i was like “oh man, one of the perfect futa for my dream come true” and it actually is, this is the hottest futa on 2nd place for me. nº1 is the Catherine Futa that was posted on Futanariobsession. Im honestly being honest about this, and no lies here. if i’d had one of these futa, id be the happiest male ever.

    • armalla:

      mmmh so hot, u know would be great some futa’s with swtor those chiss on Draenei. would be so hot

    • KenJoe:

      Holy blue bombshell Batman!! The clothed version is just as sexy as the nakey one. Is it weird that I want to stroke the base of her tail like a second cock? Just getting into WOW, so I may have to make a toon like her just to beat off while I’m playing. Every rendering Uthstar01 has of her is just so gorgeous. I absolutely love the muscle shading. It makes her look like the perfect fuck toy. Hmmmm I wonder if “” could come up with a custom doll of her? How epic would that be?!

    • Musclefutalover:


      *wipes drool from lips*

      Now that I’ve caught my breath I just can’t resist anymore. I’m going to get this and the frontside printed out on a dakimakura pillow case. Just the thought of waking up next to this sexy blue muscle futa goddess gets me so hot.

      Ahhh I can’t wait until it ships… strong assertive muscle futa mmmm so sexy.

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