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Nerdy Futa Girl by Futaushi

Nerdy Futa Girl by Futaushi

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Oooo I hot new pic by Futaushi. What a wonderful thing to wake up to! It’s like all my favorite obscure hentai artists are coming out of the woodwork lately – Made From Lazers two days ago and now Futaushi.

(“Obscure” meaning they aren’t cranking out new pieces everyday like InCase, not, you know, the technical definition of obscure. I don’t know maybe that is right, I’m trying to discreetly write this as my mom is talking to me so I could be wrong. She never stops talking when I come to visit. Never. Stops. Talking. Even when I say “Give me one hour of uninterrupted work time please” she says “Ok, no problem” then one minute later, ONE MINUTE LATER, she starts asking questions and talking. So, there you go…my hell. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!).

Here we have a cute little nerdy futa girl with pre-cum dripping from her hard cock. She seems to me anticipating something but what could it be? Could she be anticipating some sexy time? Only Futaushi can answer that one. And while we are on the things that only she can answer – How does she make her pics look the way they do? I want to see a break down from start to finish because as an artist (I use that term for myself very fucking loosely) I am infinitely curious since I absolutely love her style.

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