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New features and how they work

Alright so I pretty much have the Symposium plugin worked out. Feel free to utilize the new features since I will be keeping them on Futanari Obsession. I’m still going to get a forum up and running sometime soon but I will be using a standalone program (probably VBulletin).

Here’s what you can do right now with the Symposium plugin:

– Create a profile page and upload a pic
– Add friends
– Email each other
– Chat with friends one-on-one
– Live chat room

Once you sign up to Futanari Obsession and login you will see a tool bar at the bottom left corner of the screen. From there you can access the live chat room and the other features.

Have fun with it and let me know what you guys think. I’d still like to tweak some of the features in the future but it shouldn’t delete anything you’ve done.


Please let me know if the site is running slower with all the new features. I can’t tell because of my shitty ass Time Warner cable connection. Fucking Time Warner cable…….

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    4 Responses to “New features and how they work”

    • Spartan_009:

      well done!!! Great work 😀

    • @Spartan_009 – Thanks! I wish the profile page displayed more info (sex, interests etc) but I’ll keep working on it. Maybe I can add custom fields to the code or something. Anyways, if it can be done I’ll figure it out.

    • Bleh:

      @Spartan_009 I agree with the great work and on a side note your picture minecraft is amazing has nothing to do with X rated content but I’m a huge fan of the game

    • Owen.O:

      No slower for me at all. Lovin’ the prospect of a “community” here!

      Also: I can take a crack at the profile page, if you would like. Just shoot me a message or something.

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