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Nylie money shot by Jibb

Futanari Obsession

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Normally – redheads aren’t my thing, but this one…wow.

The perspective of this pic just makes me feel so…controlled…dominated, and she is just standing there, expecting my worship.

And worship, I would. Those luscious breasts, nipples constricted and shooting milk makes my mouth water, craving for a taste of her sweet milk. I would caress and squeeze those breasts, rolling her nipples around in my fingers, making her shiver.

I want to run my hands, then my tongue up her legs, feeling the warmth of her skin, and the feel of the nylon wrapped around her skin. I do love seeing a sexy woman in thigh high stockings. The feel of the silky nylon against my flesh as I please her… oh god, so amazingly sexy.

Reaching that massive cock, I would kneel before her, my face upturned, and my mouth open, wanting a face and mouthful of that hot, sticky, sweet cum. The artist has put an amazing amount of detail into her cock. The round, bulbous head. The popping veins. The little wrinkles of skin at the base. The hairless skin covering her balls. All of that makes my mouth and pussy flood in anticipation of having her cock in my mouth…my pussy…basically wherever she wanted to stick it inside me.

Overall, this image just drives me crazy. I would love to play with a sexy woman like her, but I’ll settle for just playing with myself.

– Panda-Girl

Jibb ~ Hentai Foundry

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    4 Responses to “Nylie money shot by Jibb”

    • homerman567:

      I like the lacetation aspect of this, but the cock seems a little oversized for the style of the picture, it’s great like, but not my cup of tea, also hi to the new admin

    • EvigKrieger:

      My favorite part of this drawing was actually pandas little story there I was only semi erect looking at this picture but panda brought me to a full hard, so I thank you for this panda you made my cocks day 🙂

    • iheartblank:

      Great perspective shot (pun intended) on this one. I love the nipple bondage too.

    • Anon:

      Unfortunately the artist is a colossal jerk. The ‘hating’ she is replying to in the hentai foundry is people criticizing her for holding each picture in a series for increasing high ransoms of favorite clicks – essentially trying to game the rating system. She then banned all the people who spoke out against this tactic.

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