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Nyueki & Sinoko by Gaspar Nolasco

Nyueki & Sinoko by Gaspar Nolasco

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Here’s another futanari artist I’m featuring for the first time. Gaspar Nolasco caught my eye with this awesome piece and after looking through his portfolio I am officially a fan. His hentai is a bit more tongue-in-cheek with the humorously oversized futa cocks. That’s usually not my thing but Gaspar Nolasco seems to make it work.

I chose to feature this rendering because it’s definitely the hottest pic in Gaspar Nolasco’s portfolio and, as I mentioned above, it introduced me to his work. It’s a commissioned piece so the two characters are not his. Below is the write-up that accompanied the post on Hentai Foundry so you can get a sense as to what’s happening. Enjoy!

A commission of Gojiro’s OCs Nyueki (left) and Sinoko (right).

Nyueki is usually at the short end of Sinoko’s naughty plots and tricks but ever since Sinoko acidentely ate some of Nyu’s Futa herbs Nyu’s been enjoying having the upper hand over her friend now thats shes grown an oversized and overly sensative cock. Now Nyueki knows this is only a temporary thing but thats a bridge she wont have to cross for quite a while, until then shes gonna milk every drop of cum she can from Sinoko and save it up for another time… provided she doesn’t eat it all first.

Gaspar Nolasco ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantART

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