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Oh Mommy! by Uthstar01

Oh Mommy! by Uthstar01

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Hey everyone, I wanted to touch base with you because I haven’t updated the site in a couple of days. I’ve been in San Diego with my girlfriend because she has a conference here and we decided to combine our three year anniversary celebration with that (one of the benefits of dating a grad student is that you get hotels paid for if you take a vacation when there is a conference). Unfortunately the internet in the hotel sucks ass and (not so unfortunately for me) my girlfriend didn’t see a lot of talks at the conference she wanted to go to so we’ve been hanging out more 🙂 I would have given you guys a heads-up but I honestly thought I would have more time to work. My bad. I should be back to work on Monday.

I hope you enjoy this pic I found on Hentai Foundry by the extremely talented Uthstar01. You might remember I posted this piece back at Christmas time and it seems that “Oh Mommy!” is a follow-up featuring “Nanako giving her mother, Meeya, a good fucking and creampie”. Futanari incest hentai is the best. Enjoy!

Click here to see more free pics by Uthstar01 at Hentai Foundry

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    4 Responses to “Oh Mommy! by Uthstar01”

    • This pic’s pretty fantastic, my hats off to Uthstar01 on this one, its a seriously great image I keep going back to. As an artist in this genre myself I feel pieces like this have a LOT to offer by way of study.

      …yes… “Study”…

    • Thatoneguy:

      So far I’ve jerked off to this about 4 times and my girlfriend is starting to wonder why I’ve been jerking off so much. XD

    • fuckfairy:

      If only there was a pregnant version… but this is still excellent work.

    • Big booty futa lover:

      Amazing piece <3 I want to fuck them both *-*

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