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One of the Charmed sisters has a big secret

Shemale Shannen Doherty in a Charmed threesome

Charmed Threesome by Kinky Jimmy

There is some sexy magic in the air thanks to Kinky Jimmy and his perverted rendering of the Charmed sisters. Oh wait, what’s this, one of them is actually a shemale with a huge cock? Why didn’t I know that before? Maybe I would have watched the show when it was on the air. Too bad Shannen Doherty isn’t the one getting fisted in the ass though, I heard she was a huge cunt in real life. That aside I love most anything Kinky Jimmy puts out because no one draws realistic looking shemales quite like him plus he is the one of the few futanari artists who’s style isn’t manga inspired. It’s nice to have a little change every now and then.

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