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Onyxia’s Revenge by Uthstar01

Onyxia's Revenge by Uthstar01

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

I’m really glad Hentai Foundry made Uthstar01 their featured artist because I somehow missed “Onyxia’s Revenge 2” (above) when it was first posted back in November of 2011. I had seen part 1 before (below) but, as you can see, when I resized the image to fit inside the post you really lose a lot of detail – I’ve said it a million times but please click on the pics to see the full size images, what you see here doesn’t do them justice.

I think it goes without saying but there’s a lot happening in the picture above. I don’t really need to go into detail about every aspect of the illustration that I love but I would like to point out what caught my eye – The cum exploding out of the purple girl’s mouth and nose (the one with the elf ears and horns – don’t kill me, I don’t play WoW). It’s a testimony to Uthstar01’s talent that whenever I look at her I can hear the sound she is making as her mouth and throat fills up with semen faster than she can swallow. Yum! I hope you guys enjoy these pics as much as I do and don’t forget to check out Uthstar01’s gallery at Hentai Foundry!

Click here to see more free pics by Uthstar01 at Hentai Foundry

Onyxia's Revenge by Uthstar01

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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    3 Responses to “Onyxia’s Revenge by Uthstar01”

    • DR_CLUBB:

      If I had to guess, the hottie sporting the biggest full-package is Onyxia, the tanned horned red-head is Alexstraza (sp issue maybe), the horned night-elf is Ysera (born are dragonkin aspects), the night-elf being forced is Tyrande, and the human being raped and hands-free cumming is Lady Jaina. Daddy would be proud of his daughter, being the biggest and not a catcher to those inferior :p. Nice piece.

    • ralphie:

      I fucking LOVE this one. Thank you for getting them both on here.

    • A certain guy:

      well, at least there are some futas without balls…nice pics.

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