Xantria Seduces The Phantom Futa by Sweet Slumber

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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Xantria Seduces The Phantom Futa by Sweet Slumber

Xantria created and owned by Sweet Slumber
Story by Rexxon
Art by Sweet Slumber

The Phantom Futa leaned against the long window that curved along one side of the submerged craft. Outside, the frigid waters of the arctic greeted her while up above lay a thick sheet of pale-blue ice that let only a scant few rays of light filter down. It was impossibly quiet here, at the bottom of the world. So far from the familiar noises and tumult of the big city, the superheroine felt distinctly out of place. An intruder in a place she really shouldn’t be.

Her thoughts were interrupted when her eye caught sight of a darkened silhouette reflected in the pane of transparent crystal.

“Don’t be a stranger,” she called out with a soft smile. She waggled a gloved finger in a beckoning motion. The shadowy figure stepped into the illumination offered by the window. A tall female form was revealed, easily a head taller than the Phantom Futa. Two braids of deep red hair framed her face while the rest was bound up in a long ponytail, held in place by a golden band. A strange sort of crown of gold and black enamel sat atop a noble brow, just above two inquisitive eyes that glowed faintly in the same ice-blue as the glaciers outside.

The Phantom Futa inspected her companion’s form for what felt like the thousandth time. Her eyes swept downward towards full breasts capped with pale blue areolae that bounced ever-so-slightly as their owner walked, as though advertising their firmness. The rest of her body resembled a Greek statue, with skin the pale-white of pure marble and musculature to match. Her arms and legs were thick and strong while her abdominals were sharply defined. Her trim midsection widened around muscled hips. Swinging between her shapely thighs was a fleshy shaft, as pale-white as the rest of her. It was covered in a weave of veins and capped by a bright blue head, while beneath a pair of balls dangled like ripe fruits.

“I did not wish to interrupt you,” the figure replied, her voice soft but strong.

“No need to worry Xantria. I’m just a guest after all.” The Phantom Futa reassured, before turning back to the window. “It’s so quiet here. And cold.” She added with a shiver.

“It is peaceful here,” Xantria agreed with a shrug as she stood alongside the shorter woman. After a moment of silence, the alien woman reached out to grasp the Phantom Futa’s hand and raised it to her lips.

“However. At this moment. I would much rather. Enjoy. The company. Than the view.” She punctuated each sentence with a soft but insistent kiss, slowly moving from the Phantom Futa’s hand, up along her muscled arm and along the nape of her neck. Xantria moved behind the heroine and pulled her close. The heroine’s eyebrow rose as she felt something very warm and very hard press against her behind.

“Mmm, again?” the Phantom Futa purred as she leaned back, feeling the soft mounds of her lover’s breasts cushion her body. “That’s the fifth time tonight” she noted, though her voice was more amused than critical. Indeed her own cock was becoming erect, stiffening rapidly with anticipation.

“As you said. It is very cold here.” Xantria joked. Her hands began to roam along the Phantom Futa’s sides, hovering just off the surface of her skin. The tiny droplets of sweat that had formed across the heroine’s body began to run in thin rivulets, pulled into motion by the alien warrior’s power.

The Phantom gave a throaty moan as the beads of water rolled across her, leaving a web of glistening trails across her body. They tickled at her hardened nubs, wound around her abdominals and into the thin dip of her navel, and circled in twisting paths along the length of her shaft. They danced and teased over the glans, veins bulging visibly as blood pounded into her erection.

Xantria’s own erection hung like an iron rod from her crotch. She rubbed it in between the Phantom Futa’s cheeks, letting her lover feel the heat of her cock. Soon both were panting heavily, flushed with urgent need. At last Xantria could not wait any longer and with well-practiced ease, she slipped the fat mushroom head of her cock into the Phantom Futa’s pucked hole.

The heroine sucked through her teeth, feeling her ass spread wide as she was penetrated by her lover’s thick shaft. With agonizing slowness, Xantria pushed and slipped her entire length inside. She gasped as the muscles of the Phantom’s passage gripped her cock. The Phantom groaned in turn began working her hips back and forth, signaling her eagerness for more. Struggling to focus herself, Xantria called on her power once again and this time focused it towards the dripping folds of the Phantom’s womanhood. Fat drops of pussy juice rolled down her labia and then into her asshole, turning the taut hole into a slick, inviting channel.

Xantria now slid easily into her lover’s hole, pushing and pulling with increasing speed. With each thrust came a chorus of wet slurping noises, and her balls began to slap wetly against the Phantom’s own cum-swollen sack. The Phantom began to clench her muscles in time with Xantria’s pistoning, squeezing the cock plunging into her with long milking motions. The heroine’s own shaft flopped about wildly, tossed this way and that by Xantria’s pounding.

The alien woman gritted her teeth and shoved harder and harder, feeling herself draw closer to release. She turned her head, planting wet, sloppy kisses along the Phantom Futa’s jawline, urgently signaling that she was ready to erupt. With one last shove, she buried her cock to the balls. Her penis pulsed and a torrent of hot fluids flooded the Phantom Futa’s ass, a geyser of cum filling her every nook and cranny and spilling out in gooey jets that sprayed out around Xantria’s cockmeat. The Phantom Futa felt her ballsack tighten and knew her own climax was imminent. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she gave an open-mouthed scream of ecstasy. She came a moment later, loosing thick ropey strands of jizz that splattered noisily to the floor.

The two lovers, exhausted and spent collapsed in a heap on the floor, panting heavily and covered in a mix of sweat and cum. Panting heavily, the Phantom Futa struggled to catch her breath. With a delirious smile of satisfaction, she tilted her face towards her lover.

“Well,” she said. “I’m not cold anymore.”

Sweet Slumber ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blog

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    Sexy futa waiting in bed by Shunkaku

    Futanari Obsession

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

    Wow imagine walking into your bedroom to see this waiting on your bed, just lying there with pure lust on her face, which looks almost elf like in the angles and overall natural beauty. Whoever she was waiting for, she was clearly excited to get them into bed, as she already has a thick stream of pre-cum dripping down her equally thick looking shaft.

    I like this drawing as all the proportions seem to match each other, and her overall body shape very well, and none of them are unnaturally big. Her penis is also very well proportioned and some how makes her seem even more feminine and definitely a lot sexier.

    This piece by Shunkaku is done in a very pleasing artistic style, and is done in an almost cartoonish way, but maintains a lot of realistic detail, for example the shadows are very well done and placed, the girl also appears to be sitting in a pin-up girl style, which is very pleasing to the eye.

    - Chill Frost

    Shunkaku ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt

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      CyberSex by Mlad

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

      This cybernetically-augmented  babe is really enjoying jacking-on…or rather…”off” as it were! :)

      Judging by the cables connected to her brain, this futanari is enjoying some quality virtual reality porn and beating her thick, juicy cockmeat! That tube in her ass is probably an extra bit of stimulation to help the fantasy along, vibrating and twisting and plowing into her tight hole!

      Love Mlad’s work on this beauty! The implants, the spray of cum flying into the girl’s mouth, the contrast with the dark grungy colors against beams of neon light, really giving that “punk” feel to “cyberpunk”. All of it looks great!

      Honestly if I was pulled out of the Matrix and realized the world is a dark dystopia where the last remnants of humanity hid in a filthy cave near the Earth’s core? I’d probably join the fight to free humanity.

      But if Hugo Weaving had promised to put me in along with this gorgeous futa? I’d just say “FUCK IT” and jack back in!

      - Rexxon

      Mlad ~ Hentai Foundry

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        Bimbo demon blowjob by InCase

        Futanari Obsession

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At InCase’s Blog

        So yea, I’m just going to leave this pic right here even though it’s not quite futanari hentai, though I am laboring under the assumption the the two dicks belong to a sexy futa based on the fact that they are wearing stockings and a garter.

        I could be wrong of course, but does it really matter when the art in question is this fucking good? The color contrast and lighting is absolutely amazing! Seriously, this is one of the most impressive renderings I have ever seen InCase produce, and the reason why there’s no one else like him working in hentai today.

        Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

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          Futa Blood Elf cumming on her own face by Suumunster

          Futanari Obsession

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

          Here’s a hot pic of a Blood Elf cumming on her own face that Suumunster did on Live Stream the other night.

          I don’t care about blood elves but I do love a good self-facial! That’s the reason I got into futanari hentai in the first place. My thought process was: “I love girls. I love facials. I would love it if a girl could give herself a facial…oh look at that, futanari hentai!” Pretty fucking perfect, right?

          I also dig realistic cum shots and this piece is pretty on point with that. Awesome job Suumunster, way to hit all my bullet points in one Live Stream session. You definitely earned your Futanari Obsession feature today.

          Suumunster ~ Hentai Foundry

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            Drithique cumming in a bathroom stall by Quickdraw

            Futanari Obsession

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At FurAffinity

            A reader by the name of Drithique sent me this impressive piece they had commissioned by Quickdraw over at FurAffinity and, as you can see from my feature, I’m really happy they did.

            I don’t check FurAffinity because I’m not into the whole furry hentai thing, but I think I need to add that site to my watch list. If Drithique hadn’t sent me this pic I might have gone my whole life without seeing it and that would be a damn shame.

            So thank you, Drithique for having the piece commissioned and for emailing it to me. The latter should really be Futanari Obsession’s job, you all check this site because Rexxon and I sift through the mediocre and sub-par futanari hentai to bring you only the best stuff we can find and to honor that commitment I think we need to cast a wider net.

            If there are any other sites you all recommend we check please feel free to email me or leave a comment. Thanks!

            [UPDATE - The character's actual name is "Drithique," as well as the person who sent me the email, in case you want to look up more pics of her. I changed the title of the post to reflect that.]

            Quickdraw ~ FurAffinity

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              Southern Comfort by MapleMoon

              CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

              CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

              I’m not that familiar with World of Warcraft to be honest. Is it actually possibly to create futanari troll girls and make them shove their cocks into the mouth of a double-dicked Tauren dude? If so I should really look into this game more.

              In case you don’t know these two, the troll goes by the name of Cali’fon and her boytoy there is Ebonhorn. I don’t know why Ebonhorn’s looking so down. There are worse fates to suffer that sucking on a sexy futa girl’s lovely cock! He’s obviously enjoying it too judging by the drips of precum leaking from both his dicks!

              Smile a little you lucky bastard! And keep on sucking!

              - Rexxon

              Art by Maple Moon ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ TheMoonOverMaples.blogspot.com

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                Vicky and Genie collection by StickyMon

                Futanari Obsession

                CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

                Remember that pic I posted back in early January of a chick sucking off a futa in the movie theater by InCase? I didn’t know it at the time but their names are Vicky (formally Becky) and Genie (or the Genie…I’m not sure). As you can see there is some confusion on the matter. I’m not even sure who owns these two characters or what their story is. What I am sure of is I like to see them fuck.

                There are a lot of pics of these two on Hentai Foundry so just follow the tags, but for the sake of this post I decided to collect my favorite ones from StickyMon (there are two more pics after the jump). Once I saw the movie theater one above I knew I wanted to do a collection post. That being said, I think the one of Genie and Vicky in the car is my favorite of the three. I just love the redhead’s facial expression – See, I don’t even know if that’s Vicky or Genie and it’s not because I didn’t read the Hentai Foundry posts. Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Please and thank you.

                CLICK HERE To Read The Rest »

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