Thyrah reference sheet by SlaveOfNewOrder

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Everybody, meet the newest addition to the SoNO mansion: the incubus Thyrah. Pronounced TEE-RAH.

Points of interest:
- Thyrah has but one endeavour: helping others relieve themselves of their pent up sexual frustration aka….. being a pleasure toy
- Excessively submissive. Leaving him in charge will probably lead to a rather….. dissatisfying experience
- Peculiarly shaped tail
- Pseudo breasts with inverted nipples
- Thick and large pierced tongue he likes to use
- Enormous rear and puffy butt hole
- Fat stubby penis and large testicles
- Foreskin can be rolled back but will revert if left unattended due to phimosis
- Has a thing for ornamented jewelry

No he is not transgender, he does not see himself as a woman. Also, those are slightly larger than average man boobs just deal with it, he’s an incubus XDD

- SlaveOfNewOrder

Here’s another character sheet for you all to enjoy. I know Thyrah is a guy, but look at those hips and that ass! Goddaaaaamn. I don’t know about you all, but I’d go balls deep in a heartbeat.

Art by SlaveOfNewOrder ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

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    Scarlet Profile by Dmitrys

    Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

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    It’s been about 7 months but we finally have a new character profile sheet by Dmitrys. W00t! I love these things and I have no idea why. I think it’s because I used to spend hours in Toys R Us as a kid reading the backs of all the G.I.Joe toy boxes while my step mom went shopping in the mall next door. What can I say? The 80′s were a simpler time. Now if you left you kid in a toy store unattended for hours you’d probably have the cops called on you lol

    Anyways, check out Scarlet then follow the links below for the other character profile sheets. You know, in case you missed them or just want a refresher.

    Here are the other profile sheets for Dmitrys’ characters
    - Peach Profile by Dmitrys
    - Meryl Profile by Dmitrys
    - Charlie Profile by Dmitrys

    Art by Dmitrys ~ Website
    Charlie is owned by Dmitrys

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      Futanari Sailor Uranus by Ubanis

      Sailor Moon Futanari Hentai at

      I just wanted to let you all know that I added more pics to the Busty Futanari Babes gallery by Ubanis. I just realize that I featured this drawing of Sailor Uranus before, but I already prepped the post sooooooo…my bad. It’s a hot piece and deserves to be featured twice anyways lol. If anymore pics by Ubanis pop up in bulk like this I’ll just add them to the gallery and updated the image archive on Tumblr so make sure you check that regularly.

      Art by Ubanis ~ Hentai Foundry

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        Orloc’s Halloween Party by VincentCC

        Shemale and Transgender Video Game Hentai at

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        I know that there are still two weeks left for Halloween but I couldn’t help posting this now, I just finished this scene today and I enjoyed a lot working on it, it’s a really funny piece! All Orloc’s characters gathered for a special celebration, the party is going to start and they’re just taking a photo in the photocall for keeping a nice Halloween night memory. Everyone is really proud with the costume they’re wearing:

        Curlette is cosplaying as Cammy from Street fighter, Amarieth as Mystique from Xmen, Zeniaa as Ivy from Soulcalibur IV and Kat as Silk Spectre. Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide!! *___*

        They’re just showing what they’ve got :P Who knows how would this party end? I can easily guess that this is the kind of party I’d love to be invited haha :P

        - VincentCC

        Holy shitballs! This is crazy awesome, and totally gets me in the mood for Halloween (something that I have been desperately lacking this year). Like VincentCC, I couldn’t wait until October 31st to feature this piece. It’s just too damn hot.

        As far as which costume is my favorite- I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between Curlette as Cammy in her M.Bison costume and Amarieth as Mystique. One one hand I think Curlette’s skin tone looks great against the costume’s colors, but on the other hand I just love Mystiques costume in general and Amarieth’s skin color already matches the character (plus I love the way VincentCC painted her head to match Mystiques hair). And on the third hand (if that’s possible lol) I totally dig Ivy from SoulCalibur sooooo I think Zeniaa looks great too. Ok ok ok…they’re all my favorites…

        So there you have it. Which costume do you like the best?

        Art by VincentCC ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot ~ Tumblr
        Curlette, Amarieth Z’drak, Zeniaa, and Kat belong to Orloc ~ Hentai Foundry

        Shemale and Transgender Video Game Hentai at

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          Sit on my throne by AKA6

          Guild Wars Futanari Hentai at

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          A stream commission for a person who I don’t know what they’d want to be known by. The characters are Artetha and Danielle who are guild wars characters or something.

          - AKA6

          Unfortunately, since I don’t really know anything about Guild Wars or these two characters, I don’t have too much to say about this piece other than the fact that I like it. Mainly because I love how big the top futa’s thighs are. And, you know, the fact that she’s cumming without touching her dick- that’s hella hot too. I just wish I was there to catch her milky white cum in my mouth. It’s a shame to let it all go to waste like that.

          Art by AKA6 ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot ~ Patreon

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            Amika and Teki: Spoils of Battle by Kenshin187

            Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

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            Commission for KimmiKammi, featuring her OC Amika and her friend’s Teki! Amika the samurai has defeated Teki, tied her to her spear and is reaping the rewards. Battle is rough man.

            - Kenshin187

            I know Amika is part scorpion and all that, but, I’m not gonna lie, I’d totally let her have her way with me. But only if she promises to use the fleshy “stinger” between her legs, not the one on her back lol

            Art by Kenshin187 ~ Hentai Foundry
            Amika Zhona belongs to KimmiKammi ~ Hentai Foundry

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              Busty futanari babes by Ubanis

              Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

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              These three pieces by Ubanis just popped up on Hentai Foundry today and since I can’t decide which one I want to feature, I figured I’d just post them all. Why not, right? Afterall, five busty futas are better than one!

              If I had to pick though, I’d say my favorite drawing has to be the third one (second pic after the jump, if you’re reading this on the front page). I love the way the dickgirl elf on the left is rubbing their two dickheads against one another, causing their pre-cum to get all mixed together. Goddamn, that sentence along just gave me a boner.

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                A cute femboi gets an anal creampie by Myogurt

                Femboi and Transgender Hentai at

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                I wish to fuck I was the guy that gave this femboi the anal creampie. Although if I were the one to do it I certainly wouldn’t have left that cute cock unattended. It needs some love too!

                Art by Myogurt ~ Hentai Foundry

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