Sexy shemale Lida Martinazzi by Jbtrimar1

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It seems I’m liking computer generated more and more. I guess if the artist knows what they’re doing such pieces are easy to like. Take this one for example. This is JBtrimars homage to a character originally created by the great Anasheya. Talk about classy this artist not only recognizes the origins of the character, he does a few takes on his characters specifically because so many of Anasheyas fans feel his temporary absence and he wants them to feel less alone. Faithful rendering a clean and depthy art style and a modest sized profile filled with futa over at Hentai-Foundry don’t hurt either. Go over there and look at his stuff. You will not be disappointed.

- BP

Art by Jbtrimar1 ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr ~ Blogspot
Lida Martinazzi belongs to Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry

Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

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    Celli Waiting by Norasuko

    World of Warcraft Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

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    Commission work for Celli of the titular OC Celli which is a very cute futa blood elf.

    Celli really wanted to surprise her girlfriend for their 6 month anniversary, got into her sexiest lingerie and made the bed all romantic… but it seems Celli’s gf is late tonight.

    - Norasuko

    I really wish Norasuko would draw more dickgirl hentai because he’s really fucking good at it. I love how young Celli looks even though she’s clearly of age with those breasts of hers. Or she’s just an early bloomer…either way, I want to do very naughty things to her body, and vise versa.

    Art by Norasuko ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon
    Celli belongs to Celli ~ Hentai Foundry

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      The Phantom Futa vs Hidey Hole by InCase

      The Phantom Futa vs Hidey Hole by InCase

      This artwork was funded by Patreon backers

      Name: Hidey Hole
      Secret Identity: Heidi Monroe
      Aliases: none
      Appearance: 5’ 0”, compact and athletic form with generously round booty, modestly sized breasts, fair skinned, naturally blonde hair (dyed a flamboyant blue), blue eyes

      Born without a penny to her name in New York City, orphan child Heidi Monroe turned to thievery for survival. Learning how to pickpocket a target and then disappear into a crowd without a trace, Heidi was able to scrape together enough money to support herself. The operative word “disappear” was quite literal for Heidi as she possessed the metahuman ability to become completely invisible.

      When Heidi was in her early teens and prowling the city for an easy target, she spotted a wealthy looking woman with an expensive jeweled bracelet. She lifted the bracelet and returned to one of her hideouts to inspect her catch. When she paused to admire her prize, her joy quickly turned to dismay as she discovered a tiny tracking device embedded in the bracelet. Before she could dispose of the stolen property, the woman she had taken it from suddenly appeared.

      Although initially terrified that she would be sent to prison, Heidi relaxed when the woman explained that she was not with the police. In fact she was herself a thief named Renee Reynard.

      Renee was impressed by Heidi’s skill as she genuinely did not notice her bracelet had been stolen at the time. Offering a chance to improve her abilities, Renee invited Heidi to come live with her.

      Heidi accepted and under her new teacher’s guidance, quickly developed into a world-class thief of her own. Her natural cleverness and athleticism were augmented by her invisibility powers, enabling her to literally walk past cameras and through motion-sensing lasers.

      The master and student became a very effective team, pulling off many amazing crimes across the United States. Although Heidi thought of Renee as a surrogate mother, her feelings blossomed into something more. Unsure of how to express her feelings, Heidi decided to wait for the right moment to present itself.

      After a particular difficult but hugely profitable heist in Los Angeles, Renee and Heidi snuck back to a modest apartment they had turned into their safe house. Her older yet still shapely body slicked with sweat, Renee went into the bathroom to shower.

      Somehow sensing this was her opportunity, Heidi stripped off the skintight clothes she wore on all her heists. She easily picked the bathroom lock and tiptoed silently across the floor. Her heart hammered in her chest but she pressed on past her own nervousness. The lithe young girl slipped into the shower stall behind Renee, startling the other woman. Before Renee could react, Heidi’s lips were pressed softly against her. The two thieves shared a moment of wonder as a sense of lightness filled their chests. The world shrank until nothing was left but the teacher and her student.
      Gradually, the world returned to them and the pair emerged awkwardly from the shower to talk.

      Renee was reluctant to proceed with a relationship, feeling that Heidi deserved someone her own age to be happy with. Her student refused, proclaiming that the only one she wanted was the woman who had taken her in, nurtured and taught her and most of all had given her love.

      Hearing the heartfelt sincerity in Heidi’s words, the last bits of Renee’s resistance were worn away. Their nude bodies still wet from the shower, the thieves embraced again. This time, their kisses were hard and hungry and their nimble hands explored every curve and line of the other’s body. From that night on the two thieves either spent their nights robbing people blind or locked in bouts of passionate lovemaking, exploring the limits of their flexibility and stamina.

      For a few years, Heidi lived happily with Renee until the elder thief was diagnosed with a rare terminal illness. Heidi sold off everything she and Renee owned and made countless more heists singlehandedly to pay for her ailing teacher’s medical treatments. Despite all her efforts, no amount of money was able to cure Renee’s illness and her beloved teacher, mother figure, and lover died.

      Penniless once again, Heidi took only her thieving tools and left to find her own fortune out in the world. Over time she came to find a favorite stomping ground in the bustling metropolis of Freedom City where she quickly made a name for herself as the uncatchable thief Hidey Hole.

      Hidey Hole’s training honed her natural stealth and grace, turning her from a pickpocket into a world-famous thief. Technically “world-famous” is incorrect as almost no one has heard her name but everyone has heard about her accomplishments.

      Hidey always has an eye on the most expensive trinkets around and is always eager for the thrill of the heist. Besides her considerable talents and knowledge of security systems, Hidey’s metahuman powers allow her to produce a light-bending distortion field that makes her invisible.

      This invisibility makes it easy for her to sneak past guards and cameras, motion sensing lasers pass right through her and even her body heat is blocked which defeats infrared heat detectors. This ability makes her so elusive, she has taken to wearing brightly colored costumes while performing her robberies in the hopes that it will add an extra layer of challenge.

      However, her invisibility field barely extends past her body, sometimes forcing Hidey Hole to be “creative” with carrying her tools and stashing her loot. She uses hollowed-out dildos and places them up her pussy and ass so as to keep them within her invisibility field, only removing them when she needs to access a tool or store her stolen goods.

      Her repertoire of skills and powers made her impossible for normal authorities to catch. It was only when the Phantom Futa intervened that her last crime spree was stopped. She managed to track Hidey down to the city’s Diamond District where the thief was attempting to steal a popular jewelry store’s priceless wares.

      Sensing the heroine’s approach, Hidey Hole quickly turned invisible. Unfortunately she did not expect the hero to hose the entire vault room with cum, revealing her location. While “subduing” the thief, the Phantom Futa discovered that her invisibility powers required a certain level of concentration to maintain. Otherwise anything inside Hidey Hole might be visible through her invisible body.

      Exhausted and nursing a sore ass, Hidey Hole was promptly arrested and later sentenced to imprisonment in Liberty Valley Penitentiary. Nursing a bruised ego, Hidey Hole sits in her cell and fumes at her humiliating capture. Already she begins planning her escape but the prison’s potent anti-metahuman defenses and power suppressors will make escaping a challenge even for her.

      - Rexxon

      Hidey Hole belongs to IHeartBlank

      Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr ~ Prism Girls

      The Phantom Futa vs Hidey Hole by InCase

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        Tekuho No Habo’s new Hentai Trap site

        Trap Hentai at

        Trap fans, have I got a treat for you. The amazingly talented hentai artist Tekuho has a new website called Hentai Trap and guess what? It’s totally dedicated to traps! Of course, if you don’t like traps there’s always, but, then again, if you don’t like cute little transgender babes then why are you here? Lol

        Keep in mind though, if you join one site you’ll have access to the other (as well as all the other sites on the FLAA network) so it’s really a no-brainer. The only question is, which one do you want to show your support to?

        Art by Tekuho No Habo ~ ~

        Trap Hentai at

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          Shemale Booty by Nitrile

          Shemale and Transgender Hentai at

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          Dat ass! Goddaaaaaaaamn. I think I’m in love!

          Art by Nitrile ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Newgrounds ~ Tumblr

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            Shemale Chel by Shadman – The Road to El Dorado

            The Road to El Dorado Transgender Hentai at

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            I’ve always wanted to watch the Dreamworks animated film, The Road to El Dorado, but for some reason the stars have never aligned in the past 14 years for me to do so.

            After seeing this pic of Chel by Shadman I may have to be more active in trying to track it down though. She looks amazing! With a dick and without (though you all know which one I prefer). Granted Chel doesn’t have all the tattoos and whatnot in the movie, but she does have those big hips which I absolutely love. What can I say? I’m a legs and ass man. The thicker the better. Good thing my girlfriend is Mexican/Guatemalan lol

            Art by Art by Shadman ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website ~ Tumblr ~ Facebook

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              Garnette and Rin by Vaigh

              Futanari Hentai at

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              Lets start by thanking Salimar for commissioning this piece and a big thank you to Vaigh for drawing it. You can see Rin and Garnette as they fuck among a hoard of pink slime. I love the punk looking one and I have a soft spot for a punk girl who will grab you, force you down, and make you hers and that’s the vibe I’m getting. As always make sure you show these artists love. Support the arts guys or you’re a bad person and futa’s dont like bad guys.

              - Knife

              Art by Vaigh ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

              Garnette belongs to Vaigh
              Rin belongs to Salimar ~ Tumblr

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                Futanari Ryūko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryūin by Mikoyan

                Shemale and Transgender Kill la Kill Hentai at

                Hey gang, I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that the next week and a half is going to be insanely hectic for me. Well, it already has been since Monday, but that’s in the past.

                So here’s the deal: I have my cousin’s wedding this Sunday that I am officiating so not only do I have to keep trying to memorize the speech, but I have a ton of other stuff to do like orchestrate the rehearsal dinner on Sat, etc. So that’s all happening kinda like right now (I flew to Maryland on Monday). Then, next Thursday I’m flying to Texas for another cousin’s wedding. At least this time I just have to show up and get drunk lol. I’ll be heading back to LA from TX on Monday the 22nd.

                Basically I’m letting you all know this because there might be lulls in my updates. Maybe even up to a couple days because I have no idea what the plan is when I get to Texas next week, and this week, well, let’s just say I’m just doing everything I can to just stay sane. Once I get settled back into a normal routine on the 23rd shit should be back to normal. As always, thanks for your patience and understanding. I love you all.

                On a side note, if anyone has links to the uncensored versions of these two pics by Mikoyan let me know in the comments and I’ll swap these out. Thanks!

                Art by Mikoyan

                Shemale and Transgender Kill la Kill Hentai at

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