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Peach’s magic mushrooms by Quickdraw

Shemale Hentai at Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At FurAffinity

I don’t know what Peach plans on doing with all those condoms full of her cum, but hopefully she figures it out before they burst. Actually, that would be kind of hot. Maybe she’s going to sell them for their obvious magical properties. I don’t know about you all but I’d definitely buy one.

I actually came across this image on Gelbooru the other night when I found the Power Girl pinball pic by Mikoyan. Thank god one of the commenters mentioned it was by Quickdraw on FurAffinity otherwise I would have never known. I still don’t frequent that site as much as Hentai Foundry. Furry hentai just isn’t my thing though I do know there’s more than just that niche on FurAffinity (obvi).

I will say this though: Quickdraw is hands down my favorite artist that I’ve seen on that site. Hopefully they’ll start posting on Hentai Foundry one of these days so I don’t miss anymore of their updates.

Quickdraw ~ FurAffinity

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    2 Responses to “Peach’s magic mushrooms by Quickdraw”

    • reddragon162:

      Great, now I’m going to be suffering from severe Chaffing. Thanks a lot Futa Fan…

    • FutAfaN:

      “As I come closer to her, I kneel myself before her, and my voice speaks out for me” – My Princess, you look gorgeous milady. “As I watch her lying down in her bed, I carefully approach closer to her, grab her thighs, and carefully spread them. With a surprise in her eyes she slowly lets me move closer. As I am finally in reach, I grab her cock, and remove the condom, watching as the cum flows out down her cock and covering her balls. I get closer, and…”

      … I leave the rest to your imagination.

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