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Peebles and Marcie by Polyle

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Well, it’s nearly Halloween so expect a lot of vampires here on Futanari Obsession!

Today we have Marceline pounding on Princess Bubblegum’s sweet pussy! For anyone not familiar with the characters, Marceline is an adventurous, rocking party-girl type and Bubblegum is more of a prim-and-proper lady.

So it’s absolutely fantastic to see the lady-like one on the ground being fucked senseless by the rocker! Just look at that dripping puddle of cum leaking from the Princess’ holes!

One thing that I really love about big boobs is the different shapes they make! If they’re in a bra, boobs are cupped into jiggly spheres. When a busty girl lies on her back, they sorta pancake out. And as Marceline here is demonstrating, when a big-tittied girl is bending over, her boobs hang down and sway hypnotically back and forth!

Also loving how Marceline’s hair is billowing about and her eyes have that red glow! That combined with the way her long tongue is licking her lips really sells how fucking horny she is! 😀

– Rexxon

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